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BH09 - Wilderness Trail Cask Strength Single Barrel from Bourbon Enthusiast

Tune in and listen as Tyler and Dude review their take on the Bourbon Enthusiast club pick of Wilderness Trail Cask Strength Single Barrel.  They also discuss the happenings at Michigan State with the retirement of Dantonio and that leads to a debate on their thoughts about paying collegiate athletes.  


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BH08 - Quick Review - Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey

Listen in as Dude and Tyler open up a bottle of Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey barrel pick from the Bourbon Enthusiast barrel club.  This one really jumped out at us.  




BH07 - Quick Review - Bourbon Enthusiast’s Smoke Wagon Club Pick

Join in as we review one of the club picks from the Bourbon Enthusiast club.  Tyler graces us with his presence for a second straight episode while we do a quick hitter into this Smoke Wagon Single Barrel Bourbon.

BH06 - 1792 Tasting, and some other pours

This week we finally get to hear from Tyler after a month long hiatus.  I had to take the recording studio to his basement so that he would actually participate during this busy time.  So how do we celebrate, by tasting two different Blanton's (one store pick and one a regular bottling), 4 different 1792s (Regular Single Barrel, BiB, Full Proof, and a Breaking Bourbon Single Barrel), then finish off with an Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.  So listen in as Tyler continues his struggle with technology, Tyler discusses his hunting success up in Michigan in the secondary market, we discuss how his wife ruined their homemade ice cream, we get acosted by his two golden doodles, and life's mysteries are solved.  All in one action-packed episode!

BH05 - Discussion with Mo Dingo, Part 2 of 2

Mo and Dude discuss the meaning of life, while tasting Smooth Ambler Big Level, Boone County, and Martelle Cognac.

BH04 - Discussion With Mo Dingo, Part 1 of 2

Tyler is out for a few weeks adjusting to a new job, so in the first part of this two part episode, we bring in Mo Dingo from the Dayton area.  In this first episode we sit down and talk about life, the Navy, the Arnold Sports Classic, and we happen to taste some bourbon while we are at it.  

Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottled in Bond 



BH03 - Hitting the Bourbon Trail (3 of 3)

We are back from our trip on the bourbon trail and have had a little bit of time to reflect on our trip.  Join us as we review the different distillery gift shops, the tours we experienced, and recount our trip to Westport Whiskey and Wine.  




Westport Whiskey and Wine: 


BH02 - Hitting the Bourbon Trail (Part 2 of 3)

In this episode we leave Buffalo Trace and head to Louisville where we are going to visit Old Forester and Angel's Envy, where we make an unplanned distillery tour because we are ahead of schedule.  Then we head to Westport Whiskey and Wine to see what they have to offer.  From there we head down to Maker's Mark to take our tour at their distillery.  During the ride we discuss how Tyler hates apps on his phone, and talk about some collegiate sports.  













BH01 - Hitting the Bourbon Trail (Part 1 of 3)

Join us for episode one of a three part trip down to the Bourbon Trail, where we discuss Tyler's ID woes, his love for Costco, what we expect while we are hitting the trail, and we also talk about some bourbon.  








BH - Bourbon Hunters Preview Episode

Welcome to the Bourbon Hunters podcast.  Join us each episode as we discuss the trials and tribulations of finding bourbon throughout the state of Ohio while we host other bourbon hunting guests and industry experts.